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Project Summary
Advanced open source content management system
Stud.IP is an platform for universities and other educational institutions to support courses, eLearning, the course administration and user communities.
OSCommerce Documentation Project
The OSCdox project is dedicated to providing much needed documentation to osCommerce 2.2MS2, and upon its release, the full 2.2 version. This is also the Official Support Site For the AABox MS2-MAX release of osCommerce.
Web Application Component Toolkit is a patterns based framework for developing web applications in PHP. A Lightweight runtime component tree is generated from compiling templates marked with customizable tags.
Booby provides Web-based management for bookmarks/favorites, contacts, todos, notes, and news, allowing the user to import and export to common standards (Netscape/Opera bookmarks, Opera contacts/vCards, etc.). The application is fully themeable (by using phpSavant) and has support for multiple users and languages. Booby is written in PHP and is database independant (sort of) by using the database abstraction layer 'ADOdb'.

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